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FC Sense FC Sense

Sensor enabled responsive display experiences

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Automated\/intelligent POS display solution enabling targeted, interactive and consistent shopping experiences Read Less...<\/a><\/p>\n

Target & Attract<\/th>\nInteract & Engage<\/th>\nMeasure & Analyse<\/th>\n<\/tr>\n
Is your display equipped with a
targeted<\/b> mechanism to attract<\/b>
shoppers from a distance?<\/td>\n
Does your display provide an
engaging<\/b> content mechanism
based on shopper interactions<\/b>?<\/td>\n
Does the display provide analytics
to measure<\/b> the effectiveness of
the display?<\/td>\n<\/tr>\n
Learn more on how our distance
triggered sensors can help you
efficiently attract targeted
customers to your display.<\/b><\/td>\n
Learn more on how our sensors can
help you to deliver a consistent<\/b> and
engaging customer experience
based on shopper behaviour.<\/b><\/td>\n
Learn more on how our sensors
can help you with series of deep
analytics to determine the
efficiency of your display.<\/b><\/td>\n<\/tr>\n<\/tbody>\n<\/table>\n
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FC Digi FC Digi

API platform to accelerate digital integrations

FC Insights FC Insights

Shopper and product-based analytics & KPIs

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